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Hello, Worthington….

Hey there Worthington. This is Jordan Willi, the new sports reporter here at the Daily Globe.
It has been a few weeks now since I started working here, so I figured it was about time I introduced myself.
I am originally from Green Bay, where I lived for four years until I moved to Mauston, Wisc. with my family. I spent another eight years in Mauston, near the Wisconsin Dells, where I got my start in playing hockey and baseball.
In 2001, I moved to Hudson, Wisc. where I continued to play hockey, baseball and joined marching band the summer of my sophomore year in high school. I graduated from Hudson in 2008 and attended North Dakota State University that fall for architecture. After one year, I realized architecture wasn’t my thing, so I changed my major to journalism, which is why I am here in Worthington today writing sports.
During my four years at college, I was part of the Gold Star Marching Band which played at half-time for every NDSU Bison football game. Last fall, when the Bison made it to the FCS National Championship game in Frisco, Texas, the band got to go along and play for the thousands of NDSU fans who made the trip.
I graduated from NDSU this May and I got hired here at the Daily Globe a month or so later.
Now that I’ve covered the basics, I should probably explain why my blog is titled “Between the Pipes.” For those of you who don’t know hockey very well, playing “between the pipes” is hockey slang for being a goaltender, which is the position I have played since I was seven or eight years old.
I can’t really explain why I enjoy hockey so much. It is just something that I have always loved playing and it has never been anything but fun for me.
Maybe I like it so much because it has been something that I could do and talk about with my father. My dad coached many of my teams as I grew up and was always there to watch me play.
Even the older of my two sisters picked up hockey after I started to play so many years ago for the Mauston Screamin’ Eagles. I has really become a family thing for me and every time I play I remember those times when I was just starting out.
I’ll take hockey where ever and whatever form I can get it, be it on TV, watching a game live or just playing with the old-timers late at night.
When I was younger I was a huge fan of the Patrick Roy and the Colorado Avalanche. I used to love watching Roy drive opponents crazy with his ridiculous saves, while Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg made life hell on the goalie at the other end of the ice.
But now that Minnesota finally got itself a new hockey team to replace the North Stars, I have shifted my loyalties to the Wild. Even though the team has been far from good the last few years, I have been consistant with my love of the Wild, always trying to get to at least one game at the Xcel Energy Center every season.
I will most likely talk about hockey a lot on this blog, but I will also talk about the things that are on my mind as well as things that are going on in any of the other sports that I enjoy.
That’s it from me for now.
I will end this blog like I have every other post I’ve ever written:
Good Skating,
Jordan Willi

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