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Here comes a Game 6….

I know I said I wasn’t expecting the Devils to be able to win another game in this series, but I can’t say I am disappointed that they did.

With their 2-1 win last night in New Jersey, the Devils not only crept two wins closer to a historic comeback to win the Cup, but they have also derailed the Kings 10 game road win streak once and for all. If nothing else, the Devils now know that they can beat the Kings where ever and whenever they want to. But with the series shifting back to LA for Game 6, the Devils will have to continue their strong play and aggressive offensive-zone pressure to force a Game 7 in New Jersey.

Broduer has been the biggest reason the Devils are still in this series as they travel to LA for Game 6. If he can put up another awesome performance in Game 6, the Devils have a real chance to force a Game 7 back at home in New Jersey.

Even though I have said before that the Devils had to figure out how to score on Jonathan Quick, I did not figure they would be able to get away with only scoring 2 goals on him per game and still win. I felt that they would have to completely rattle Quick with a ton of goals in order to pull themselves out of their 0-3 hole.

However, I forgot that the Devils have an ace up their┬ásleeves. And he goes by the name of Martin Broduer. I have talked about Broduer many times on this blog, but I always seem to underestimate what a goalie in his 40s can actually do in the net. He has been spectacular in the last few games and has really given the Devils a new life and saved their butts more than a few times. Without him in net, this series would never have been as close as it is. Broduer is the man and if he can keep up his stellar play the Devils have a real chance to make history as one of the very few teams to ever come back from a 0-3 record to win a championship. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, there is still a Game 6 to play and the Kings only need one win to hoist the Cup for themselves.

I can not wait for tomorrow night when the Devils travel to LA for Game 6. I hope it is another good game, even if the Devils lose.

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Jordan Willi

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