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Game 1 goes to OT…

I didn’t get to watch all of Game 1 from last night, but I did catch the OT winner. I am not overly happy that the Kings won, but at least it was a closer game and was a lot more interesting than any of the other games LA has played.

Like I’ve said before, I dislike LA. They should not have even been in the playoffs this year, and yet here they are, after winning Game 1 in New Jersey, 3 wins away from their first Stanley Cup.

Game 1 was pretty exciting, but I would have loved to see more of an offensive effort from the Devils. The Kings dominated the playing time and had the puck in the Devils zone almost all of the 2nd period.

The most intriguing thing about the Kings run this year is that they have won every single game on the road. I have absolutely no clue how any team can do this given how hard it is to win one game on the road let alone NHL record 9 that the Kings have stockpiled in these playoffs. And I still can’t figure out how they have managed to lose 2 games at home when they have been so dominate on the road and overall. It just confuses the heck out of me when I try to figure out the LA Kings this postseason.

Even though I wasn’t happy that the Devils lost last night, I can say that they did a really good job of keeping LA off the board and holding off the Kings offense for almost the whole game. Other than a few bad plays by the Devils defense, they were able to stop pretty much all the offensive chances the Kings had, and anything that got by their D was stopped by Martin Brodeur.

And as for the OT winner Brodeur let by, there is no way you can blame him for that. It was just a really bad play by his D in the neutral zone and there was nothing he could do since his D left him high and dry with very few options of how to stop the LA player on the breakaway.

I just hope that the Devils offense and defense both show up for Game 2 and can come away with a win. That would make it all better.

That’s it for now,

Good Skating,

Jordan Willi

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