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Granlund Signing and the Cup Finals…

Sorry it took me so long to post after the Devils beat the Rangers to take their place in the Cup finals. I had some technical difficulties with my internet so I haven’t been able to get on and write something up.

But anyway, since this is a Minnesota Wild blog, I should probably start this entry with some Wild news. When I heard this news I was excited to be a Wild fan for the first time since the Wild were on the top of the Western Conference way back at the beginning of this last season. But this news is so big that I think I might even be more excited than I was then. The news is so big that it might even make the difference between the Wild being a decent team next season and them being a Cup contender. Okay, maybe that is only my opinion, but the news is still pretty big.

Granlund could be the key to the Wild's success. He can pass, he can score and he seems to have a really high hockey IQ. All I can hope is that he is constantly making the highlight reel on ESPN and the NHL Network. And if he is, let's pray that means the Wild are winning games like they should be able to. I can't wait for next season.

The Minnesota Wild have finally signed 2010 1st round draft pick Mikael Granlund and he will be joining the team this next fall. I have talked about this kid on my blog before and if you remember those posts you can remember how high I am on this guy. He is only 20 years old, but he has been playing with the big boys in his home country of Finland for at least 4 years now. He is a dynamic forward who has a scoring touch, but also knows how to pass the puck and feed his teammates and make it all look super easy. If he can play like he has in Finland he could be one of the big pieces the Wild have been missing the last few years. And with some more talent on its way up the Wild farm team pipe, the Wild could be looking at a long period of success at the major league level. Or at least I hope that is how things turn out. Here is Granlund’s video greeting to the Wild fans everywhere.

I would have never of guessed these teams would be the last two standing. I can't wait to see who comes out on top of this low seeded match-up for the Cup.

On another note, the Stanley Cup finals match-up is finally set. The New Jersey Devils beat out the New York Rangers in Game 6 on Friday night and secured their ticket to the finals against the red hot LA Kings. Personally I hope the Devils are the ones who finally put the Kings in their place and stop their Cinderella story short of the Cup. But I have to admit, I am not sure how things will turn out since the Kings have been almost unstoppable and have only lost 2 times in the first three rounds. So this should be a very interesting series between the #8 seeded Kings and the #6 seeded Devils when the two meet up on Wednesday night in New Jersey for Game 1 of the series.

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