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The quest for Cup is on!!!

There is only one thing I love more then regular season hockey. And that is playoff hockey. And what I love even more than playoff hockey is overtime in the playoffs.

So far this post season, the games have not disappointed, with four games already being decided by walk-off goals in the extra frame. And boy, were some of those goals nifty. There were wrist-shots, deflections, goals scored close up and from as far off as the blue line. This is really my favorite time of year.

Every series has played one game so far, other than the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers match-up which will start tonight. I can’t say that I can complain about the outcomes of the games so far, but I will say, the teams I had hoped to win have not been able to do any damage yet.

2012 NHL Playoffs Bracket

I love the playoffs. This is the best time of year to be a hockey fan. Here is a bracket for you to follow in the coming weeks.

I was really rooting for the St. Louis Blues while they played the San Jose Sharks last night, but somehow they let the game get away from them in the third and allowed it to go to overtime. And then they were unable to muster more than a few rushes in OT before ex-Wild forward, Martin Havlat, put the puck past Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak. I am not a huge Blues fan, but I had decided a while back, when I was sure the Wild weren’t going to make the playoffs, that the Blues were the second team I would cheer for in the playoffs after the Nashville Predators. So I am kind of disappointed that St. Louis couldn’t pull off a win at home in the first game. But I know they will bounce back.

As for my favorite team left in the playoffs, Nashville was able to take it to the Evil Empire (a.k.a. the Detroit Red Wings) and win the first game of the series at home in front of a huge crowd. I can’t be happier that the Predators won, especially since they were able to beat my least favorite team in the NHL. And they couldn’t have done it without the help of their All-Star goalie Pekka Rinne. He was insane and stood on his head, sometimes literally, to keep the Red Wings offense off the board when it counted. I know I have said this before, but Rinne is a beast and if he can stay hot the Preds have a chance to make a deep run this year.

I can’t wait until tonight when I will get to watch some more playoff hockey. It can only get better from here.

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