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Wild Wins Third in a Row…

Erik Christensen

Christensen has been one of the hottest Wild players of late. He can't be stopped in the shootout and has started to really come into his own in the first three periods as well.

Once again, when I count the Wild out they just keep fighting anyway just to spite me. They have now won three in a row, all in the extra frame or the shootout. I can’t believe now is the time they decide to finally stop sucking. They are so far out of the playoffs now that I think they will start next year in the hole.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the Wild win and I have really enjoyed this resurgence of good solid play and never-say-die attitude. You can really attribute this return to form for the Wild come back of their beloved captain Mikko Koivu from injury. He has been a beast and had two assists and was plus two in last nights game. And that is only one of the small things he has done since he got back into the Wild line-up. I can’t say enough about him and he has been a bright spot on a team that has decided to play well and once again play like I know they are capable of.

Not only has Koivu played well, but everyone has started to pick up their game in their quest to mess up their opponents playoff fates. The last three wins they have had came against teams in the playoffs and have really thrown a monkey wrench in their plans to be solidly set in the post season. It has been one of my only reprieves from the Wild’s sucky season and yet another year without a post season berth.

Stanley Cup playoffs logo

The playoffs are coming ever closer. I can only hope the Wild can be in the playoffs next season.

I can only hope the Wild can keep this run going and end the season on a positive note going into next year. Because if that happens, with talent the Wild has potentially joining the team next winter, they can be really, really good. It might be the year the Wild can make a huge push into the playoffs and make a huge splash in the NHL.

Erik Christensen scoring on the shootout.

Christensen has been insane in the shootout and is well over .500 in his career one on one with goalies across the league. He can be counted on for scoring almost every time he steps on the ice after regulation.

And I should give a mention the the Wild’s ability to win games in the extra frame. The first game of this streak saw Koivu score the game winner 15 seconds into the overtime. The second game, the Wild won in a shootout with Erik Christensen and Koivu both scoring to pull out the win. Then last night, the Wild were able to win in a shootout once again with Christensen and Devin Setoguchi scoring against the Blackhawks. The common thread through all these wins is Christensen. That man has been hot lately, especially in the shootout where he can’t be denied no matter how hard opposing goaltenders try. I can really see this guy being something special for the Wild next season. If for no other reason than his shootout prowess.

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