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Don’t fire Yeo!!

This weekend was not kind to the Wild. They lost two heart breaking game to the red hot Buffalo Sabers and the mildly warm Washington Capitals. I’m not sure what it says about the Wild that they can’t win games again or seem to find any momentum at all with the season coming to a close. Even the influx of offense they have¬†received¬†with Mikko Koivu’s return hasn’t helped bolster the Wild to many wins.

Minn. Wild head coach Mike Yeo talks to his players during a time out.

Yeo didn't do a horrible job this year as a head coach. It isn't like a lot of first year coaches go out and win the cup every year. I don't understand why fans get so upset with new coaches, they are just trying to do their job and they ultimately can't control what happens in a game, they can only try and manage it.

Not only are they losing again, the Wild have officially been eliminated from the playoff race. If they had won out and gotten all their remaining points, with some help from other teams losing, the Wild could have made a final push to grab the 8th seed. I am disappointed at the end result of this season, as any Wild fan would be, but it wasn’t like I am super surprised. Not after the epic collapse the team went through this season.

Wild head coach Mike Yeo looks on as his players try to win a game earlier this season.

Yeo did a really good job to start off the season, but somewhere along the way his team lost their confidence and couldn't get back their scoring/winning touch. They played so well at the beginning of the season that the only way they could go was down. Sadly this is another year the Wild won't be in the playoffs, but I hope that management doesn't fire Yeo after one bad year.

There really isn’t any way to explain the Wild’s failure to win games other than the hockey gods not wanting the Wild to be relevant past April 7th. Although a lot of fans are going to want to, I can’t really blame head coach Mike Yeo for the floundering his team did in the second half of the season. He did what he could to get this team to play well, but they just didn’t seem to want to listen.

I really hope that the Wild managment doesn’t fire Yeo after just one season. I am tired of watching Wild coaches hit the road after one shot at making the playoffs. A coach can’t be expected to do everything in their first season, especially a rookie head coach like Yeo. Give the man some time to make his mark and try to get this team back on a winning track. Too much movement within the coaching staff is not good for a team. They need a solid leader who they know will be around for a while, not a quick fix scheme which forces them to learn a new offense/defense every year. Things take time to grow and mature and that is what the Wild really need to do this off season and in the beginning of next year.

At this point, all the Wild can hope to do now is to play bubble buster and win games against playoff hopeful teams. It is always fun to ruin another teams chances of making the playoffs, especially when you are out of the race yourself.

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