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Can’t keep another 3rd period lead…

Well once again, the Wild were able to build a decent lead only to see it fall away in less than a period. After being up 3-2 in at the start of the 3rd period, Minnesota managed to let Carolina, one of the worst teams in the league I might add, claw their way back into the game with three unanswered goals to win 5-2.

The Carolina Hurricanes mascot "Stormy."

Carolina is kind of in the same position as the Wild this year. They are getting better but are still missing a few key pieces before they can become contenders in the East again.

I am impressed that the Wild were able to score on the power play, and from Eric Christensen no less, but I can’t say I am too pleased with another win. It is hard to understand what has gone wrong with this team after everything was going so right at the beginning of the year.

I scoffed at all the nay-sayers who put down my favorite team after they were on top of the league and said that the Wild didn’t have the staying power to make it to the end. I held with them as they went through a rough patch at the end of December and into the All-Star Break. They looked to be making a small comeback and possible hold onto their playoff spot, but it, like everything else after the break, fell short once again.

NHL 2012 Draft in Pittsburgh, Penn.

At this point in another losing season, Wild fans might be hoping the Wild lose the rest of their games so they can have a really high pick in this year's draft in Pittsburgh. I wouldn't mind seeing a player come to the Wild who can play right away for once instead of having to be "developed" for 3-4 years.

Nothing annoys me more in sports than when my favorite sports teams give up a big lead and let the other team win. I don’t want to put all the blame on Matt Hackett for this one. I am sure the defense gave up some easy plays or didn’t play the puck well and contributed to the goals he let in after the Wild were up 3-2. I really like this young guy, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt this time. He hasn’t had a lot of exposure to the NHL, but he is getting better. It just doesn’t help that the offense can never seem to help the Wild goaltenders out with a lot of goals on the other end.

If I have said it once, I will say it again. I can’t wait for the beginning of next season. I feel like the Wild are a few key players away from being a serious playoff threat for years to come. The cap space they have and the players that will be available in free-agency could make things really interesting this summer as well. At this point, I can only hope the Wild keep losing and get a really high pick in this year’s draft so they can pick up another super-star caliber player to add to their roster in the next few years. At least that would make this year worth something.

Here’s to hoping next year is something special.

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